What to Look For When Choosing A Bail Company

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The bail bonds business is just like any other industry. There are several high-quality bail bonds agencies that want to help you get out of jail. There are also a few that are happy to run a scam.

The best way to learn about a bail bonds agency is by asking around. Talk to members of law enforcement and anyone you know who has been arrested. Ask who they recommend, who they think you should stay away from, and why they feel that way. Don’t be surprised when several people recommend the same bail bonds agency.

The next thing to do is look at the type of fees different local bail bonds agencies charge. The most you should be asked to pay is 1% to 5% of the required bail. That’s the standard rate. Some reputable bail bonds agencies will offer a discount to certain people such as military members and individuals who have retained a private attorney. It’s also likely that in cases involving a high bond, the client will be asked to put up some form of collateral. However, when it comes to the nonrefundable fee, you should never be asked for more than 1% to 5%.

Next, you’ll want to contact the bail bonds agency. A good agency will offer a free consultation. This consultation should be with a real person, not a virtual chatbot. In addition to providing you with basic information about the company and how the Tennessee bail bonds program works, the individual you’re chatting with should take the time to answer your questions. Remember, bail bonds are a business and you’re a customer. You have every right to expect outstanding customer service.

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What Can Tennessee Bail Bonds Offer?

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Don’t simply assume that because someone tells you that they run a bail bonds agency that they are actually a reputable business. Every single day, we hear horror stories about people who have been taken advantage of by a bail bonds agent who ultimately turned out to be a con artist. The best way to make sure you’re dealing with a reputable firm is to ask for information about their business license and insurance.

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