Need Bail Money? Contact Us and See if You Qualify for a Discount


Needing bail isn’t something most people plan for. As a result, few of us have enough money in your savings account to spring ourselves from jail, and even if you are one of the lucky ones that does, will it leave you with enough to stay on top of your bills?

Nashville Bail Bonds is here to help. We have the funding needed to cover your bail so you can reunite with your family. All we ask for from you is 10%. This fee isn’t refundable.

We have a system already in place that provides some of our clients with a 20% discount. That means that instead of having to come up with 10% of whatever was set, you only need 8%. Depending on just how high your bail was set, that could add up to significant savings!

The other reasons so many of our clients recommend us is because we offer:

• Flexible payment plans
• Simple contracts
• 24/7 service
• Phone consultations
• Online consultations
• Zero worry about hidden fees
• Zero down bail bond
• Zero-interest bail bond
• Fast service
• Discretion

We understand that money is tight right now and bail isn’t something that many of you can afford. We also understand that sitting in a jail cell puts you in a position of accepting a bad plea deal, losing your home, having relationship problems, and becoming unemployed.
To make sure you never feel like bail isn’t an option, we’ve worked hard to create multiple options, including flexible payments and zero-interest bail bonds that hopefully make it easier for you to swing your bail fee so you can go home rather than spending another night in a cell.

Need more information or have questions about how bail works? Feel free to contact us by calling 615-673-4955 for a free consultation.