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What Documents Do I Need Before Starting the Bail Process?

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One of the first things we’re asked when it comes to bail is what documents we need before we can start the process. You’ll be surprised to learn that we don’t require a lot of documentation and it’s things you can quickly locate. The first thing we’ll need is a picture ID. We need the […]

Struggling to Make Bail? Check Out Nashville Bail Bonds Flexible Payment Program.

nashville bail bonds

Most people don’t plan on getting arrested and even fewer people have thought to set aside bail money when they were planning their budget. Most of us are living from paycheck to paycheck and only just managing to make ends meet. That means when you are arrested, even a relatively small amount of bail seems […]

The Difference Between Bail and Probation/Parole

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A surprising number of clients we deal with understand that a bail bond helps them get out of jail, which it does, but they also seem to think that the bail bond also means that they are on probation or parole. That’s not the case at all. Probation and parole are connected to your sentence. […]