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How Do You Help Someone Who Has Been Arrested?

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One minute, you could be having a normal morning, just getting ready for the day ahead. Then you get a phone call, and everything comes grinding to a halt. You find out that someone you care about has been arrested, and you are at a loss as to what you should do next. The need […]

Jail Can Be a Very Scary Place for Everyone

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Being stuck in a cell with other accused criminals is not something that any sane person wants to do. This is why no one wants to get arrested. Nobody likes the idea of getting arrested. For some reason, that dislike is also applied to bail bonds when it shouldn’t be. After all, bail bonds are […]

Nashville Bail Bonds is a Family-Owned Bail Bond Company in Tennessee


Family is a pretty amazing thing to have, and it does not have to be just your relatives. A family is a group of people who are always there for one another, which is why many people have friends that they consider family. A person can count on their family. This is why, whenever you […]

Just Because a Person Doesn’t Know Anything About Bail, Doesn’t Mean They Cannot Bail Someone Out of Jail

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Most people recognize the fact that no one knows everything. Everybody has certain areas of knowledge where they are experts and areas where they know nothing. For many people out there, one area where they have very little understanding is anything revolving around the arrest of an individual. After all, why should they? Some people […]

We Make Bail Fast & Affordable in Nashville


Every weekday, thousands of people leave home to go to work and earn a living. People work hard for the money that they earn and oftentimes, it is just enough to get by. While this is great, it does leave people vulnerable to surprise expenses. After all, they can afford their monthly expenses but they […]

What Do Co-Signers Have to Do with Bail Bonds

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For most people, there are many aspects of the bail process that are confusing or just plain unknown. This is often due to the fact that no one ever learns about bail since most people plan on never needing it. While many people are able to avoid ever needing bail, not everyone is so lucky. […]

Common Bail Terms


When a person is suddenly thrust into a new experience, they can have trouble finding their footing. This is especially true in areas that have a lot of unique wording and terms that aren’t used in day to day life. For instance, people who have suddenly found themselves needing to bail someone out of jail. […]

What Are the Different Types of Bail?


There aren’t many things that are more confusing than trying to figure out how a bail bond works. However, over the past 20 years of being a leader in the Tennessee bail industry, we’ve become experts. Did you know that there is more than just one type of bail, there are actually five! The type […]

Is Jail on Your Bucket List?


Many people out there have a bucket list. If you are unfamiliar with what that is, it is simply a list of things the person wants to do before they die, or “kick the bucket.” Bucket lists typically include a lot of fun and adventurous activities. It is a pretty safe bet that getting arrested […]

Tennessee Yellow Traffic Light Laws

W hen you see a flashing yellow traffic light it means you have the right of way, but that you should stay alert and use caution while going through an intersection. A solid yellow light means that the light is about to change to red and you should plan on stopping. That’s the idea but […]

Legal Responsibilities of Witnessing a Crime in Tennessee

A s you were walking your dog, you witnessed a hit and run. No one was hurt, but the fleeing car did do quite a bit of property damage. Suddenly you’re in the middle of a moral dilemma. Should you report the crime or should you pretend it didn’t happen and simply go home. While […]