best bail bonds in nashville

Bail is a monetary amount a judge decides is a fair amount of money to secure your release from jail. The idea is that the amount should be high enough that it convinces you to return to court for all of your mandatory appearances. At the conclusion of your case, the money will be returned to you, whether you’re innocent or guilty of the initial charges.

The problem with bail is that not everyone is in a financial position to post bail for themselves. A bail bond is the solution.

Investopedia defines a bail bond as a: “agreement co-signed by a bail bondsman, who charges the defendant a fee in return for guaranteeing the payment.”

While this definition is true, it leaves out a great deal of information.

The first is that the way a bail bond works is that in exchange for a fee (which is 10% of the entire bail bond), the bail bond agency will pay the court the entire amount of your bail so that you are released from jail.

While this sounds like a sweet deal, there is one catch. That catch is that you will never get that 10% fee back again. That fee is the cost of us doing business with you. Most of our clients ultimately consider the 10% fee to be a good deal and are happy to pay it. They find that it’s less of a financial hardship than trying to come up with the entire amount themselves or spending several months sitting in a jail cell while they waited for the courts to slowly handle their case.

Another reason so many people opt for a bail bond rather than trying to post their own bail is speed. We’re an experienced bail bond agency that knows how to quickly handle the entire process. You won’t believe how fast we can handle your case and post the bail bond. In many cases, we’re able to post the bail bond and have our client released from jail shortly after they initially contact us. For many of our clients, this speed is the difference between them being able to keep their jobs and staying on top of their other financial obligations.

The speed that we’re able to post a bail bond is just one of the reasons we’re Tennessee’s most popular bail bond agencies. Additional reasons people turn to us rather than another bail bond agency include the following:

  • 20 % discounts for veterans, AARP members, and individuals who hire a private defense attorney
  • Flexible payment plans
  • Simple contracts
  • 24/7 service and consultations
  • No hidden fees
  • Zero-down bail bond
  • Zero-interest bail bond
  • Compassionate customer service
  • Free consultations

Our willingness to offer support for the entire time that you’re a client

Nashville Bail Bonds has been writing bail bonds for individuals just like yourself for several decades. We have a history of fast action and compassionate service which is what you need after you’ve been arrested.

To learn exactly what kind of assistance we’ll provide you, all you have to do is call 615-673-4955.