1 percent bail bonds franklin
1 percent bail bonds franklin

In Tennessee, there are many bail bond companies you can go to for a bail bond, but here is why you should choose Franklin Bail Bonds.

  • 24/7 availability- the police make arrests at any hour of the day, and many of them are at night and the early morning hours. Thus, we are available at all hours of the day to bail anyone out of jail. Why make them wait until “the next business day”?
  • Confidentiality– an arrest and need for a bail bond is not news that everyone needs to know about. It is not their business and you do not want to deal with the gossip and judgmental stares. Information is kept private with us, and we leave it to your discretion to fill in loved ones and acquaintances who need to know. 
  • Custom payment plans and forms of payment- to make as stress-free as possible, we will work with you to create a workable payment plan for the bail bond. This way, your financial struggles are not as big of a problem. Additionally, we accept all forms of payment and we have a secure online payment portal for card transactions.
  • Friendly and reliable agents- this is the force that keeps this company reputable. Our agents and representatives are all part of our team because they truly want to assist others who need the help. You will not find a more genuine, concerned, and friendly agent at another company. You will immediately learn that the Franklin Bail Bonds team prioritizes you.
  • Fast service- we understand that you want your loved one out as fast as possible. Trust us, we want the same. This is why we work quickly but carefully to get paperwork and details sorted out. Your loved one can be released within a handful of hours. To you, it may still seem like an eternity before your loved one is released, but we assure you that our turnaround time is much faster than other companies. 

There are many more reasons as to why Franklin Bail Bonds is your number 1 choice for bail bonds, and those reasons can be found online. You will also find many reviews from former clients who were pleased with us. 

If you need a bail bond, we hope you come to us first. No matter what your situation is, we will certainly find a way to help you out.

We offer free consultations, so give us a call at 615-673-4955 or visit us online.